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Winter can be hard on our complexion, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin. It’s particularly important to keep your skin well-moisturised during this season.

You might struggle much more if you have sensitive skin. Cold weather and low humidity draw moisture away from the skin, leading to it becoming irritated. Kalahari skincare products are made to suit somebody’s individual lifestyle and include those designed especially for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin often happens when the natural barrier is weakened or broken down, causing it to become irritated. The best type of products for those prone to breakouts or flare-ups are those made with natural ingredients. Some people find that acne is worse in this season.

Esse & Co Beauty enable you to buy Kalahari products both in the UK and anywhere in the world.

Their products are divided into six categories including those for mature skin, premature ageing skin, dry & dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, hyperpigmented skin and problematic skin.

We also make it easy to purchase the finest quality Nimue skin technology online. If you want advice before making a purchase online, Esse & Co Beauty offer expert consultations to find the perfect products for your skin type. They can also consider your lifestyle, routine and environment.

If you’re looking to purchase Kalahari products online, find out more about Esse & Co Beauty today.