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Our Skin Expert’s Favourite Nimue Skincare Products For February

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Our Skin Expert's favourite Nimue Skincare products for February
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When it comes to your beauty routine, skincare is the right place to invest.

And here are Our Skin Expert’s Favourite Nimue skincare products.

We don’t say you have to spend a lot of money but you do have to invest your time, patience and yes, a little cash, when it comes to curating a skincare daily routine that works and brings you the effect you want. 

So if you curious about where to start with your skincare journey we are here for you. Our Skin Expert’s favourite Nimue Skincare products for February. When we really like something at Esse&co, you can trust that your skin will benefit a lot when you decide to include the products recommended here by our Skincare Practitioner. 

It’s a big beauty playground out there, so we’ll gladly do the dirty work to test everything and show you our Skin Expert’s favourite Nimue Skincare products for February.

She asked herself which products she genuinely couldn’t live without, from face creams to serums and cleansers to face masks. Our Beauty Expert tries out hundreds of new products each year but these are the holy-grail picks that we go back to time and time again. Why? Because they really work. If a skincare product has made it onto this list, you can bet it’s worth buying. 

But let’s stick to the present for now. Each month she will select the new skin-care products she is currently obsessing over. Trying to narrow down the favourites to just one or two products can be hard, but she manages. Check out what our Skin Expert’s favourite Nimue Skincare products for February.

Nimue exfoliating enzyme

The enzyme complex forms an important part of the Nimue Skin Health Programme as it gently detaches dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal. The product contains Papaya Enzymes (Papain) and Pineapple Enzymes (Bromelain) to help digest protein bonds between stratum corneum cells without over-stimulation. Nimue exfoliating enzyme refines skin texture, imparts smooth and radiant skin and optimises penetration of active ingredients.

Not sure yet? Check out the review below: 


This enzyme peeling packs a mean (yet gentle) punch of amazing exfoliation for the skin, to rid it of everything that hinders your products from performing 100%. Without granules, which rids the risk of damaging the skin, this enzyme peeling gently exfoliates the skin without irritation and gives a beautiful glow. It gets rid of all the dead skin cells that lay on top clogging your pores and hinder your skincare from performing fully. I SWEAR by this.

Do yourself a favour, PURCHASE this amazing product and the rest of the Nimue series.

Nimue Skin Technology Cleansing Gel 

When it comes to skin cleaners this is “must-have” all year round. Nimue Skin Technology Cleansing Gel is one of our best beauty buys every month. 

Cleansing gel intensely yet gently removes eye and face make-up and impurities and provides light exfoliation, balances sebum production without drying the skin. Remember, that the real secret to beautiful skin lies in the preparation and deeply cleansing the face is your first step towards smooth, supple, clearly radiant skin

Nimue Moisturiser Lite

Apply a small amount of Nimue Moisturiser Lite massaging gently on face and neck to provide continuous hydration, enhance skin softness, suppleness and improve surface texture. Active ingredients (1.4% Triple Alpha Hydroxy Acid Complex, Vitamin A Ester and Vitamin E) prepares the skin and optimises ph for skin renewal

SPF 40 Sunscreen UVA -UVB High Protection 60ml

Wear Sunscreen All Winter and Your Skin Will Actually Age More Slowly.

Winter sunscreen is counterintuitive, sure. Most people want to ease up on sunscreen use during the winter, as the sun feels weaker and they are less likely to burn. But that’s a mistake. Our Skin Expert recommends to all our clients to wear sunscreen daily to prevent cumulative sun exposure and the resulting fine lines, wrinkles, discolouration and even skin cancer. Only one of the two UV perpetrators, UVB, is actually lessened by clouds and winter.

The other, UVA, is very much present year-round. SPF 40 Sunscreen UVA -UVB High Protection will deliver the best UV barrier to protect your skin surface even in February. Lightweight, non-oily emulsion base that offers a dual focus in providing a certified high broad-spectrum protection and anti-ageing benefits to assist in reducing and preventing the visible signs of photo-ageing and to effectively complement the Nimue Skin Health Programme this month. 


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