Is Vitamin C really that great to eat as well as literally put it on your face?

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Is Vitamin c  really that great to eat as well as literally put it on your face? Vitamin C is in fact just as good to literally put on your face as it is to eat. It’s actually believed to be 20 times more beneficial when applied topically to the skin, rather than ingested through diet. Not only is it anti-aging, Vitamin C can also help boost collagen which is essential for keeping skin looking plump, it reduces inflammation and fade pigmentation patches as well it can minimize fine lines. As a result to get the best out of your Vitamin C, you need to eat it and apply it every day . Nimue has developed a multi-functional facial spray Nimue Vitamin C Moisture Mist ,  an excellent Antioxidant and safe UVA protection for everyday giving the skin a radiant and hydrated glow reducing signs of ageing invigorating and refreshing effect. It is available as a refill too!!!

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