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Kalahari Lifestyle – an extraordinary journey awaits you

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Kalahari Lifestyle
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Kalahari Lifestyle is a luxury skincare brand now available to buy on our Esse&Co website and in our Skin Clinic in London.

Our goal at Esse&Co is to introduce you to the best skin products available on the market. We take our time to find the best brands, with the best ingredients and the brand culture and history.

Today, we want to introduce you closer Kalahari Lifestyle brand. We show you the reasons why decided to choose this brand out of many others available on the market. We hope you gonna share our love to Kalahari soon.

Kalahari Lifestyle is an exclusive lifestyle collection for the skin. Africa, nature and its people were the inspiration for this exclusive product collection. Created with nature’s pure ingredients so that you can experience the delicate aromas and textures from the Kalahari Desert in Africa at your home. This collection will captivate your imagination whilst it nourishes your body and mind.

Eco responsibility

The Kalahari Lifestyle range utilises natural botanical ingredients supplied by accredited members of Phytotrade Africa which are harvested by rural communities. The ingredients are derived from a variety of different sustainable African eco systems such as the harsh Kalahari Desert plants and trees. These include Kalahari Melon, Resurrection Plant and Marula Fruits.

Nature’s laboratory

The Kalahari Lifestyle range was created after many years of research, by a team of experts including botanists and various scientists who sourced naturally derived ingredients from the Kalahari desert in Africa. Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, Kalahari Melon Extract, Pure Kalahari Desert Mineral Salt Crystals, Resurrection Plant Extract, Hematite Stone Extract, Marula Oil, Baobab Oil and Mafura Butter are just some of the many hidden botanical treasures within this unique Kalahari Lifestyle range.

The scientist

If there were ever a group of people that could connect us to our ancient roots, it would be the Khoi San of the Kalahari Desert. There are only a few true Khoi San people left in the world today. They are the remnants of our oldest cultural group known as the “First People” of Africa. They have an ingrained responsiveness to nature and an unparalleled eco-intelligence. Thanks to their help, Kalahari Lifestyle team were able to identify a variety of sustainable indigenous plants and natural resources that are used in this unique range.

Aromatic Fragrances 
  • KALAHARI HONEYBUSH BLEND – Tranquil… Infusion of the Kalahari Honeybush that allows a calmness of serenity and pure relaxation within your mind, body and soul.
  • AROMATIC DUNE BLEND – Relax… let your senses unwind with the warm glow of the fire, the sound of the crackling wood and the wind blowing through the dune grass, feel the night.
  • TSAMMA BLEND – Refresh… the crisp smell of the Kalahari Tsamma fused with moist green dune grass.
  • WILD HONEY BLEND – Enhance… your senses with a rich infusion of sweet wild honey for an indulgent experience.
  • KHOI SAN AROMATIC BLEND – Escape… to the plains of the Kalahari Desert with the subtle fragrance of wild shrubs and rare indigenous plants.
Social responsibility
  • FOOD PROGRAMME – Kalahari Lifestyle provides nutritional food and support to many people, children and families on a daily basis and at the same time contributes to this life-changing outreach programme
  • MEDICAL OUTREACH – The brand initiated a medical outreach programme across Southern Africa. The brand commissioned various medical experts to support communities with free medical care.
  • SUSTAINABLE JOB CREATION – Kalahari has initiated the Bead Project in conjunction with various Khoi San communities. The project goes towards supporting participating families and provides an essential platform for their feeding programme.
  • EDUCATION – The brand believes that the future lies in the education of children. Kalahari Lifestyle supports Khoi San children by providing unique sustainable education program that enhances their ability to strategise, unlocking each child’s latent potential for a lifetime. This programme also includes reading classes.
  • KALAHARI TM IS THE WINNER OF THE SPA HUMANITARIAN AWARD – Their continuous efforts to uplift and support the many families living in the Kalahari has made this accolade possible. Kalahari has a direct responsibility to the livelihood of these fragile communities.


These are just some of reasons why we decided to choose Kalahari Lifestyle as one of the next skin care brand.

The team of the best experts works every day on their products. The continues development of the brand delivers the best products for your skin.

New in London, Kalahari Skincare Lifestyle - Stockist Esse&co Beauty

Join Kalahari Skincare Community now & discover the power of natural African ingredients closed in Kalahari products.


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Due to Brexit Kalahari Lifestyle has been discontinued - we always research for the best Skincare Brand on the market. Nimue Skin Technology and Esse skincare Brands are our best choices.

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