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Mature Skin – skincare by Kalahari

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Mature Skin
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Find out more about correct daily skincare regimes for mature skin.
Each of us is different, so is our skin. Different skin types require different skin regimes so it is important to know how to look after your skin properly.
From a cosmetic point of view, the skin is classified according to several factors related to its balance: sebaceous secretion, hydration and sensitivity level. Thus, each type of skin will have its own characteristics and require different care approaches. The type of skin is determined by genetics, although it will also be affected by other factors and can change with time.
Kalahari Lifestyle Skin classification looks at overall skin health and group skin types into 5 groups:
  • Mature Skin
  • Premature Ageing Skin
  • Dry & Dehydrated Skin
  • Sensitive & Sensitised Skin
  • Hyperpigmentated Skin
  • Problematic Skin

Many things change with age. Although we normally speak of mature skin from the age of 35 onwards, the starting age will depend on each person’s history, as the biological age does not have to be united to the needs of the skin.  With the passing of time the metabolism of the cells becomes slower.

From a certain age the skin presents specific characteristics: the amount and activity of the fibroblasts is reduced, as well as the synthesis of collagen. Also, the skin dehydrates and dries up due to the reduction of the vascularisation and sweat and sebum secretions. Mature skin will also appear thinner and dull, with an uneven skin tone. There are also disorders in the pigmentation and “age darkspots” appear.

Environmental factors such as sun exposure (including extreme warm and cold temperatures), hormonal changes, medication, chronic illnesses, tobacco, alcohol, stress and fatigue or the lack of sleep have a huge impact on mature skin.

How to identify mature skin?
  • Drier and finer skin.
  • Deep wrinkles.
  • Pallid or yellowy colour.
  • Dehydration.
  • Lack of luminosity.
  • Flaccidity, lack of tone and firmness.
  • Open pores.
  • Hyperpigmentation and age darkspots.
How to restore mature skin?

The ideal to prevent skin ageing is to begin care at an early age, visit a Skin Expert regularly and take the necessary precautions: protection against the sun by using SPF (we recommend SPF 40 Sun Protection), healthy lifestyle, proper diet and a correct daily skincare regime. It’s crucial for your skincare health to choose the best skincare products for your skin concerns. The best skincare products keeps the face healthy, supple and with life that preserves beauty.

Kalahari Skincare for Mature Skin

Kalahari’s Home-care and Professional Treatment protocols have been specifically created to offer a sound solution for a mature skin type. Kalahari Lifestyle Skincare products for mature skin contain a combination of important ingredients, crucial for the health of mature skin. These products are rich in superior antioxidants that slow down free radical activity, improve dermal density, firm, tighten, increase the skin’s hydration levels and relieve a dry, dull appearance. Mature skin will benefit from rich botanical formulations. Formulating organic cosmetics with plants, flowers and herbs is an amazing makes the Kalahari Lifestyle one of the best sustainable brands available on the market, that will take you closer to the ancient desert secrets.

Those products leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished.

Benefits of Kalahari products: 

– Provide comfort and hydration for dry and tight skin.

– Protect and strengthen the skin against environmental aggression.

– Stimulate the process of skin regeneration and recover firmness.

– Provide luminosity and correct and reduce dark spots.

– Smooth existing wrinkles.


To make sure your mature skin is looked after in a correct way, we have prepared together with Kalahari Lifestyle a program to help you understand step by step how to introduce those amazing products to your skin.

mature skin skincare


Additional to all skin benefits a percentage of every Kalahari product sold is sown back into local communities, giving our clients the opportunity to make a difference.


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