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Nimue Skincare – a Recipe for Healthy Skin All Year Round

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Nimue SKINCARE ONLINE Nimue Skincare - a Recipe for Healthy Skin All Year Round
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Healthy skin is a choice 

Today We want to remind you of the numerous benefits of using Nimue’ Products  , a brand that is dedicated to actively improving skin health through the use of concentrated pharmaceutical-grade nutrients.

These nutrients include advanced antioxidants, superior phytoceuticals, peptides, and other powerful active ingredients that are targeted to the deeper layers of the skin to effectively improve both skin health and appearance. Nimue  was developed by plastic surgeons and features professional formulas and carefully chosen active ingredients. Its unique approach to skincare has revolutionized the beauty market.

Nimue Smart Skincare is the first company that introduced the philosophy of modern skin classification and thus influenced the change in the direction of the development of the cosmetics industry, departing from traditional systems of division into skin types.

Nimue Skincare Esse&Co

Nimue focuses on causes, not symptoms, and the therapy is based on four fundamental aspects:

Nimue Skincare online Esse&Co


The Nimue healthy skin program involves using a customized selection of daily skincare products, chosen by a specialist based on the individual’s skin type, condition, and specific concerns, in combination with professional treatments performed in the office. These professional treatments enhance the penetration of the active ingredients in the home care products, resulting in a synergy of action that targets all layers of the skin. The combination of professional therapy and home care can lead to a significant improvement in the condition of the skin, up to 50%.

Nimue Skincare Online

  • Phase I: Home care

It includes basic skincare products that contain all the necessary active ingredients for optimal skin health and cell renewal, suitable for all skin types according to the Nimue skin classification. Phase 1 of the program, which typically lasts for 4 to 6 weeks, involves using these products and can result in a 30% improvement in the condition of the skin. After this initial phase, phase 2 is activated.

  • Phase II: Active care

Phase 2 of the Nimue healthy skin program includes two additional home care products that greatly enhance the cell renewal and rejuvenation process. By incorporating the use of the Active Lotion and Active Gel into your daily skincare routine, you can expect to see an additional 20% improvement in the condition of your skin.

  • Phase III: Professional treatments

It consists of professional treatments performed in the office to amplify the results of home therapy and further improve the condition of the skin. These professional treatments also allow for better penetration and bioavailability of the active ingredients in the daily skincare products. By entrusting the care of your skin to a Nimue skin therapist, you can achieve up to a 50% improvement in the condition of your skin.


Esse&co Beauty is part of the Elite Nimue Skincare International – Skin Technology Club and the Only Stockist in London!

We are committed to providing the best online service for Nimue Skincare. As the exclusive stockist of Nimue products in the UK, we offer a convenient website where you can make purchases. We also make sure that you are never alone in your skincare journey by following up on every purchase through email or phone call. With us, you can be sure that you will receive top-notch service and support.

  • How do I order Nimue products?

Email us: | Call us: +44(0) 2078281485 | Text us: +44(0) 7809629280

  • Who will assist me when I call Esse&Co Beauty?

Vanessa is a Nimue therapist who has been practicing since 2005 and is available to provide information remotely about your current beauty routine, skin conditions, and potential future treatment plan using Nimue products. She is happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

  • How do I pay my order?

You can purchase them directly from our website or we will send you an invoice with the Bank’s transfer details to make the payment. Remember that for the prescribed products, we need all your details: Full name, address and mobile number for the skin consultation and the delivery timeframe.

  • Why I do need the skin consultation before purchasing  some products online?

Due to the presence of active ingredients, some of the Nimue products (Active Lotion
Active Gel, Nimue Day, Nimue Night) need a skin consultation by a trained Nimue Therapist but we can help you to choose the right regime.

  • Where can I find Nimue Skincare stationary in London?

You will find us at: Esse&Co Beauty in Central London. The nearest Tube is St. James’s Park Station or Victoria Station.

  • What are the delivery options?

We are pleased to say that we deliver globally. Check for our domestic & international delivery costs and times.

Maybe you are considering trying out some new products? 

If you are unsure which products are best for your skin or have specific skin concerns, you can reach out to us via call or email with pictures of your skin for a personalized consultation. 

If you’re interested in trying out Nimue products but not ready to commit to a full routine just yet, you can also request samples to try before making a decision or purchase the Starter Kit

Our team is here to help you with your shopping online and assist you in finding the best products for your skin.


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