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New Nimue Fader Range Plus – Package


New Nimue Fader Range Plus – Package

Set of the best skincare products – designed for hyperpigmented skin.

Package includes:

  • Day Fader Plus
  • Night Fader Plus
  • Fader Serum
  • 2 complimentary products

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We  are proud to offer to our Customers this Limited Edition: The New Fader Range Plus Package for Hyperpigmentation of 4 products

We finally have in stock the new and improved Nimue Fader Range Plus Package. The new range comprises 4  products, each containing Diglucosyl Gallic Acid, which is activated by the skin to fight Hyperpigmentation.

What means to have Hyperpigmented skin? 

  •  A hyperpigmented skin presents uneven skin colour, usually on the face and the development is influenced by internal and external factors, the most harmful being exposure to UV radiation, incorrect usage of cosmetic, wrong professional peels and not protecting with the correct SPF the skin 365 days and therefore learn how to protect the most important organ of our body.
  •  Nimue new generation derma-cosmeceutical skin treatment offers products that deliver advanced active ingredients derived from biotechnology and natural sources for effective skin lightening, hyperpigmentation and more even skin colouring.

If you are not sure about what type of skin you are classified. Join us with a complimentary skin analysis and then we will recommend the right home-care products along with the Professional Treatments.

        Nimue Skin Technology is exclusively distributed in Central London by Esse&co Beauty.

The New Fader Range Plus Package includes:

Day Fader Plus                 £73.00

Night Fader Plus              £75.00


New Fader Serum            £86.00


  •  Promotion

Buy 3 products:

Day Fader Plus + Night Fader Plus + New Fader Serum

GET 2 Free Products

(Cleansing Gel 30ml or Exfoliating Enzyme 30ml or Sun-C  Spf40 20ml)*


Click on the product photo to find out more.


Nimue New Day Fader Plus

Nimue New Night Fader Plusnimue fader serum

New Nimue fader range package treatment


How to use the Nimue Fader Range Plus during your beauty routine against Hyperpigmentation 

  • Cleansing Gel
  •  Massage into skin for 1 minute with damp fingertips
  •  Rinse thoroughly
  •  Repeat if necessary
  •  Dry gently
  •  Conditioner
  •  Apply a small amount to the skin, using a damp or dry gauze pad
  •  Allow drying
  •  Day Fader Plus 
  •  Apply as needed
  •  Massage into skin
  •  SPF 40 or SPF50 
  •  Apply to the skin (over Day Fader Plus ) every 2-3 hours
  •  Re-apply after exercise or water activities


  •  Cleansing Gel
  •  Massage into skin for 1 minute with damp fingertips
  •  Rinse thoroughly
  •  Repeat if necessary
  •  Dry gently
  •  Conditioner
  •  Apply a small amount to the skin, using a damp or dry gauze pad
  •  Allow drying
  •  Exfoliating Enzyme
  •  Apply a thin layer to cover areas treated
  •  Leave for 2 minutes
  •  Massage with wet fingertips
  •  Leave for another 2 minutes
  •  Rinse thoroughly
  •  Use as prescribed
  •  Fader Serum 
  •  Massage a small amount into the skin
  •  A mild stinging sensation may be experienced
  •  Do not rinse off
  •  Use every second night under Night Fader Plus  – gradually increase to daily use
  •  Not to be used the night after a clinic treatment
  •   Night Fader Plus
  •  Massage into the skin a small amount


To have the best result Vanessa hand-picked one of her bespoke and the ultimate facial massage. Her newest treatment introduces customers to her favourite skin range giving the glowing you are looking for, let your skin have the best treatment  Nimue SRC Skin Resurfacing Complex.


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