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Discover our New Fader Range Promotion

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The New Nimue Day Fader Plus is a lightweight product for those needing to achieve a more even skin complexion. 

Derma-cosmeceutical brand, Nimue Skin Technology, announced the launch of its new and improved Fader Range, six products, each containing Diglucosyl Gallic Acid, which is activated by the skin to fight Hyperpigmentation.

Nimue Skin Technology is exclusively distributed by Esse&co In London. 

Nimue Fader Range Plus is first in its class of pigmentation products that not only focus on hyperpigmentation, but also targets other major skin complexion disorders like uneven skin complexion, dark spots and blemishes, redness, rough skin texture and inflammation.

Boasting the award winning, patented molecule Diglucosyl Gallic Acid which is activated by the human skin, converting it into a powerful hyperpigmentation fighting active. A multi-active day preparation for the reduction of advanced stages of hyperpigmentation, in addition to anti-ageing and hydration properties.

Skin benefits:

  • More even skin colour
  • Fading of hyperpigmentation
  • Hydration agents soften, smooth and provide hydration to the skin
  • Antioxidants provide free-radical protection
  • Skin Radiance
  • Reduce free radicals

Skin Classification:

  • Hyperpigmented Skin
  • Environmentally damaged skin with

Active ingredients:

  • DIGLUCOSYL GALLIC ACID has 7 levels of action.

  1. Inhibits ROS product (stops free radicals forming)
  2. Prevents UV- induced DNA damage
  3. STOPS melanogensis process
  4. REDUCES inflammation
  5. Decreases vasodilation & redness
  6. STOPS melanin transfer
  7. Blocks melanin synthesis even under UV conditions
  8. Whitens the skin 

  1. Hydration while delivering ingredients to a deeper level

  1. DNA Repair – protects from sun damage

How to use the New Nimue Day Fader Plus:

  • Apply to a clean dry skin, after Nimue Conditioner/ Nimue Active Gel/Lotion.
  • Massage into the skin. Can be used around the eye and neck area.
  • Regular use of Exfoliating Enzyme and daily use of Nimue SPF 20 is recommended.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure



The New Fader Range in Promotion includes

New Fader Range Plus-Package


  • Nimue New Day Fader PLUS Tube            £72
  • Nimue New Night Fader PLUS Tube         £72
  • Nimue New Fader Serum Airless Bottle   £85
  • Nimue Day Fader Tube                                £64
  • Nimue Night Fader Tube                             £64
  • Fade Treatment Pen                                      £38

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