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The NEW Skin Health Summer Kit promotion Out of Stock


Summer fun shouldn’t include sunburns.

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The NEW Skin Health Summer Kit promotion is Out of Stock

The NEW Skin  Health Summer Essential Kit has finally arrived  Limited Edition
A complete sun care range for sun sensitive skin, suitable for adults and children.

This is a brilliant kit highlight the awareness of UV rays whilst your clients are away on holiday this Summer
The kit includes:
Nimue offers high protection sun care against UVB and UVA rays, which together are responsible for 80% of the signs of premature ageing.

• Sun C SPF 40                                        60ml
• New Sun C SPF 50                                20ml    FULL light spectrum (including blue light from screens)

• Nimue Hydrator After Sun                       100ml


Nimue introduces the brand new Environmental Shield SPF50

This amazing product features some first to market patented technology and protects against the FULL light spectrum (including blue light from screens) as well as pollution

the absolute Rolls-Royce of anti-ageing products!   Try something New

Nimue SPF50 Environmental Shield Esseco London

And we’re so obsessed with SPF-filled tinted moisturisers, the unsung summer heroes that make hot-weather makeup a helluva lot easier to manage. Nimue Tinted Sun C SPF 40 Sunscreen Protection

Nimue Tinted Sun C SPF 40 Sunscreen Protection

It is important to moisturise your skin every day, especially when the sun is shining and affects the skin. Moisturisers with SPF moisturise and protect your skin. The initials of SPF stand for Sun Protection Factor. It is a shield against UVB rays, the rays that cause sunburn.
Their effect is slower than UVA rays, but their consequences can be substantial. A moisturiser with SPF will keep your skin nourished, soft and radiant day after day while protecting you from sun damage.

Important to remember;

Damage from UVA light isn’t visible like the sunburn that results from too much UVB, but it may be more serious. Ultraviolet-A penetrates deeper into the skin. Its strength doesn’t vary with the time of day or season of the year like UVB does. UVA causes wrinkling, but it also damages the bottom layer of the skin where skin cancer forms.


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