Rejuvenating Facial 35% Glycolic Treatment


Do you know your skin ?

Book a free Nimue Skin Consultation with Vanessa Gallinaro, highly trained in  Nimue Skincare Technology. She will create a bespoke combination of products and treatments just for you.

Consultation Includes:

  • Skin Assessment with prescription sheet
  • Discussion around particular areas of concern
  • Personalised Treatment plan
  • Tailored Recommendations
  • Ideal  Skincare Beauty Routine Regime
  • Take home custom samples of your skin classification

Nimue is a primary global leader in the skin care industry, it is renowned for its expert understanding of the skin and the effective treatment of various skin conditions.



Rejuvenatin/Anti-Ageing facial

Rejuvenatin/Anti-Ageing facial. Why do we need an anti-aging facial?  As we age, our skin gets thinner and dryer. It loses collagen, which gives it a thick, plump appearance, and elastin, which makes it snap back quickly.

As we grow older our bodies produce less of the natural substances that keep our skin firm and well hydrated. In addition, years of exposure to the sun, pollution and the stress of modern living affects our appearance. Which explains why facial lines and wrinkles appear.

The good news is that thanks to the latest cosmetic treatments and products it’s possible to remove imperfections and replace them with more youthful looking skin.

This is an active treatment skin rejuvenation for environmentally damaged, hyper pigmented and problematic skin classification. The glycolic peel treatment provides a controlled removal of skin cells, for a deeper exfoliation to visibly enhance, renew your skin texture and tone. It  Improves the general state of the skin health by accelerating or stimulating physiological functions and it creates a structural improvement in the skin.

It is a potent, yet gentle and safe active treatment delivering powerful result, culminating in refined texture, pore size, elasticity, radiance and vitality. It enhances penetration of active ingredients and optimises skin health and texture.

Designed to stimulate the collagen production it will repair the skin, relax wrinkles, increase hydration and skin’s suppleness resulting in visibly youthful skin. Recommended for mature skin types.

The results achieved using the nimue home care programmes are impressive, but when combined with the professional nimue treatments available, results are outstanding. This is made possible due to the expertly designed results orientated facials aimed at solving specific concerns of each skin classification. These treatment programmes are only performed by highly qualified nimue skin treatment professionals.

This is a 1 hour treatment.

We recommend to combine it with Manual Lymphatic Drainage for better results (



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