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First of all, I hope all of you are safe and well. 

This is an unprecedented time for everybody and while we have been instructed to follow the social distanging, we all need to self care, look after ourselves and this imposed “Taking a Vacation At Home” can be used to discover new products or to learn how to treat our bodies. Exercise and good food are a must in this diffult time  

When do I need to buy more Nimue products?

We will probably need to stay home for quite a while and we do not want to run out of our Nimue skin products so check what you are running out and make a plan to buy what you need.

Are your Nimue Cleansing gel or milk almost finished? Is your Exfoliating Enzyme bottle dry up? And now, that you have more time, why not to try The Nimue Glyco Mask at home or the fantastic Nimue masks re-creating salon experiences. 

Never run out of your favorite Nimue skin care: choose your products, contact us and we will assist you during your Nimue shopping online. 

Where  I  can buy Nimue skincare online?

Nimue cannot to bought or sold online worldwide

Why   I cannot buy Nimue Online?

Due to the presence of active ingredients, Nimue products need a skin consultation by a trained Nimue Therapist, but we can help you to choose the right regime. 

How do I  order Nimue products?

You can email us at 

Call us +44(0) 2078281485

Text us +44(0) 7809629280 

How do I pay my order?

First of we need all your details Full name and address and Mobile number for the delivery. We send you an invoice and you can choose to pay by Bank’s transfer, details are on the invoice or we will send you a Credit Card link with the amount, you just click and make the payment. 

Where  I can buy Nimue in London?

Right now we are all at home but when we will back, you will find us at; Esse&co Beauty London 

Who will assit me when I call Esse&co Beauty?

Vanessa has been a Nimue therapist since 2005 and she will be happy to give you any info remotely regarding your current beauty routine, your skin condition  and your future Nimue regime. 

How the delivery is working during the Coronavirus?
Stay safe – use our contactless delivery 

We are working closely with DPD and the timeframes for delivery to guarantee the best service are 48/72 hours. 

In the meantime we have home care kit


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