Kalahari Anti-Puffiness Serum


15ml | All skin type | pH5.5

Formulated using Muira puama tree extract bark/stem extract and White Lily extract, Anti-puffiness serum is an innovative peptide complex, regular application of this eye cream helps to strengthen the skin’s natural barrie

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A fast-absorbing eye serum with phyto-efficient ingredients that minimizes and prevents swelling, fine lines and improves the skin elasticity.

  • Optimizing blood circulation and prevent dark circles.
  • Lymphatic drainage prevents water retention – reduces swelling.
  • Firming – A mild firming sensation can be experienced due to blood flow stimulation.
  • pH 5.5.

How to Select the Best Eye serum ?

Regardless of age, eye serum is a daily beauty essential that should be a step in every woman’s evening skincare routine. From protecting the delicate under-eye area to treating the visible signs of ageing, there are a plethora of benefits to the regular application of eye serum  products. Finding the best eye serum or cream for your skin will instantly improve your overall skincare routine, making you appear more awake, refreshed and youthful

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  • Oat barley extract – Anti-wrinkle, lifting and firming. Long and short term results.
  • Alfalfa flour extract & white lupine hydrolyzed protein – Reduces swelling under the eyes and drainage. Stimulates collagen production and revitalizing.
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast fungus) – Reduces dark circles: increases the natural production of the protein WEEF that establishes new blood vessels after injury. Strengthens capillaries and restores capillary system. Anti-puffiness and anti-wrinkle.
  • Muira Puama Bark Extract – Counteracts blue skin tone and anti-stress.
  • Some root extract & white lily – Natural contraction. Relieves swelling and reduces fluid accumulation.


How to apply

Apply a small amount to the delicate eye area on a clean, dry skin.

  • Can be used with Nourishing Eye Balm, for example Nourishing Eye Balm (morning) and Anti-Puffiness Eye Serum (evening). Then apply the recommended moisturizer.


A cocktail of nourishing ingredients


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