Personalised Full Body Massage


Are you happy about your body ?

Book a free Body Consultation with Vanessa Gallinaro, highly trained in Aromatherapy and Ayurveda. She will create bespoke body treatments and home care products routine personalised for you.

Consultation Includes:

  • Skin Assessment with prescription sheet
  • Discussion around particular areas of concern
  • Personalised Treatment plan
  • Tailored Recommendations
  • Ideal  Skincare and Body Beauty Routine Regime
  • Take home custom samples of your skin classification


Personalised Full Body Massage. Discover your senses with a range of luxury treatment experiences for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Come and get pampered with the best London massage available and discover your inner stress free self. Comforting, luxurious and indulgent, this targeted body treatment is entirely personalised to your needs.

We recognise that no two bodies are identical and so that we can ensure your needs are accommodated. Your massage will be designed according to your individual needs, addressing any areas of tightness, stress or muscle tensions and using a personally chosen aromatherapy oil.

We work with you to decide which areas you would like to focus on. The treatment may include a combination of Swedish, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage or stretching techniques.  Each unique massage will begin with a sensory journey, with special  blend of aromatherapy essential oils especially  for your needs. You can have you feet, legs, hands, arms, back and scalp massaged.

Main benefits:

  • It keeps people well-physically and emotionally
  • Reduced Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Pain and Stiffness Relief
  • Increases circulation
  • Increases your immune system’s functionality
  • Decrease in muscular tension and pain.
  • Skin benefits: removes dead skin cells, improves skin tone, reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks, provides moisturizing benefits.

Your Personalised Full Body Massage will be carried out on a special  warmed massage couch, which offers extra comfort, allowing you to relax and enjoy your treatment. Our signature massage uses long strokes and light to medium pressure to improve circulation and diminish stress, contributing to a feeling of well being , relieving nagging aches and pains .  Perfect for “first timers”.

What makes us unique is that we take great care in providing the right treatments for every individual, so that you will be really delighted with the results. We also pay great attention to every detail and offer a full welcoming service to ensure your experience really is the most luxurious treat.

This is a 1 hour treatment

Buy a course of 10 and get one free.

We recommend to combine it with our Detoxifying treatment with facial massage ( ) to eliminate toxins from your body.



2 reviews for Personalised Full Body Massage

  1. 5 out of 5

    Good to keep you on track throughout all the year, this is a lovely full body massage (face included!) that not only helps you with any water retention/cellulite problems but really fixes shoulders, back and relax all the muscles. I love to get it done particularly after a good work-out so that you don\’t feel sore the day after.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Very professional service, excellent customer care, Vanessa was recommended by a colleague. She certainly knew what she was doing and seemed to know the exactly what suited me (she spent a lot of time talking with me before). I was very impressed.
    She is really enthusiastic, and passionate about her work and this was probably the best massage that I have ever had.

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