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Nimue Deep Cleansing Facial


Do you know your skin ?

Book a free Nimue Skin Consultation with Vanessa Gallinaro, highly trained in  Nimue Skincare Technology. She will create a bespoke combination of products and treatments just for you.

Consultation Includes:

  • Skin Assessment with prescription sheet
  • Discussion around particular areas of concern
  • Personalised Treatment plan
  • Tailored Recommendations
  • Ideal  Skincare Beauty Routine Regime
  • Take home custom samples of your skin classification

Nimue is a primary global leader in the skin care industry, it is renowned for its expert understanding of the skin and the effective treatment of various skin conditions.

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Until you look at your skin ….and one day you realise that your skin has been neglected , your last facial was almost a year ago and your beauty routine is non existent  .

The Nimue Deep Cleansing  Facial is your first step.

Starting with filling the  consultation card and choosing what kind of products to use according to the Nimue Skin Classification ,Vanessa will deliver a personalised 70-minute-long affair of successive cleansing, facial massage and masks, leaving the skin squeaky clean and glowing.

What are your main concerns? 
Adult Acne, blackheads or little impurity ? Sensitive or reactive skin ?

The Facial protocol ;

  1. Deep cleansing, sloughing away dead skin cells and removing the make up with the  Cleansing Gel  Exfoliating Enzyme massaged for 5 minutes under the steam , preparation for the extraction
  2. Extraction to unblock pores , removing blackheads, whiteheads and impurities.
  3. Application of Conditioner and Vitamin C Mist
  4. Serum to boost skin’s radiance while delivering high hydration and reducing redness
  5. Face massage , Manual  Lymphatic Drainage , deep tissue massage ,Shiatsu Technique and sculpting technique literally re-shape and lift the facial muscles
  6. Last step is choosing the appropriate mask :  Super Hydrating Mask , or Alginate Mask , Collagen Mask or Clarifying Mask giving firmness , toning and calming sensitive skin .

Whatever you are looking to target specific skin concerns the Nimue Deep Cleansing Facial is designed to refine skin texture , balanced oily skin and achieving a healthy-looking .

A selected complimentary Nimue products samples are available to keep the skin hydrated .

Nimue Starter Kits treat are perfectly sized for travelling and a great introduction to the Nimue brand, choose from below according to your skin classification.

Nimue Health Starter Kit Environmentally Skin

Nimue Health Starter Kit Interactive Skin

Nimue Health Starter Kit Hyperpigmented Skin

Nimue Health Starter Kit Problematic skin

Our facials are suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.

They are always customised to your own individual needs and are designed to give you an unforgettable and relaxing experience. We recommend which treatment will achieve the results you desire, whether it’s to hydrate dry skin, even skin tone, promote a clear complexion, or restore a youthful glow.


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4 reviews for Nimue Deep Cleansing Facial
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  1. Clelia

    Best facial treatment ever! As usual, performed in a very relaxing atmosphere where you just get comfortable and forget about everything and just focus on taking some time for yourself. The cleansing is gentle but effective and together with the daily use of Nimue products really helps keeping your skin clear and radiant. No redness or signs after the facial so ready to go out if you need to.

  2. Mara

    Each treatment has been truly bespoke and customised to the nature of my skin at the time of the treatment. The treatment is very thorough and nourishing and the products used are very effective at promoting healthy, well-toned skin. Vanessa\’s extensive experience is invaluable and I trust her recommendations – she has treated me for 5 years, including throughout my pregnancy.
    I have high expectations and this is the best facial I\’ve found in London.

  3. Rohini

    I regret not visiting Vanessa earlier. I can\’t recommend her enough. Just one treatment from her was enough to convince me that she is probably the best I have ever come to for a facial. Her technique and extensive knowledge make her so special. My skin looked radiant and deeply cleansed(true to its name). Thanks for such an excellent experience!

  4. Julia

    Vanessa is very knowledgeable and is clearly a skin expert! My Nimue treatment plan is working wonders, the products are unlike any I\’ve ever used and give fantastic results. In addition, Vanessa\’s sessions are very relaxing in a comfortable environment. I would highly recommend Esse&Co!

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