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The Best Face Exfoliators

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Exfoliator - Skin exfoliators
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The Best Face Exfoliators available on Esse&Co

Face Exfoliators removes dead skin cells from the outer layers of the skin. It can be beneficial for removing dry or dull skin, increasing blood circulation, and brightening and improving your skin’s appearance.

Sometimes, the surface of our skin doesn’t shed completely. This can result in dull, dry, flaky patches and clogged pores. Skin Exfoliators can help prevent this.

Benefits of Face Exfoliators

The process of skin exfoliation can improve the appearance of our skin. Exfoliation can leave your skin looking brighter and improve the effectiveness of topical skin care products by improving the absorption of active ingredients.

Regular exfoliation can also help prevent clogged pores, resulting in fewer breakouts and healthier skin.

Long-term exfoliating can increase collagen production. Collagen is a protein that is naturally produced in the body. Collagen improves skin elasticity, reduce visible wrinkles, and increase blood flow to the skin.

The Best Face Exfoliators available on Esse&Co

Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme Face Exfoliator

The enzyme complex forms an important part in the Nimue Skin Health Programme as it gently detaches dead skin cells and promotes cell renewal.

Nimue Exfoliating Enzymes uses two exfoliating enzymes: papaya and pineapple. They work similarly to chemical exfoliants, like glycolic acid – but with a twist. They break down the proteins (keratin); dull and rough outer layers of your skin. Once they’re off, your skin is brighter and smoother.

Active Ingriedients:

Papaya Enzymes (Papain) – this ingredient helps reduce acne by removing dead skin cells that can clog pores. Papain can also remove damaged keratin that can build up on the skin and form small bumps.

Pineapple Enzymes (Bromelain) – Bromelain inhibits platelet aggregation, exhibits fibrinolytic activity, has anti-inflammatory action, promotes skin debridement and interferes with the growth of malignant cells.

Orange Oil Extract

  • Orange Oil extract is most commonly used to reduce sunburn, blemishes and dark spots or age spots. Any kind of skin discoloration is helped by orange as it has a mild bleaching property.
  • Orange Oil has many anti-ageing ingredients, the most important being its rich source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is full of antioxidants and works to prevent wrinkles and lines.
  • Orange extract has a gentle astringent property that helps to relieve acne-prone skin. It’s gentle and reduces itching and irritation while also reducing the acne and preventing scarring. Orange oil can also correct the oil balance of the skin.

Benefits of Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme Face Exfoliator

  • Non-irritating, non-abrasive enzymatic exfoliation
  • Refines skin texture
  • Imparts smooth and radiant skin
  • Combination of fruit enzymes help digest protein bonds between stratum corneum cells
    without over-stimulation
  • Optimises penetration of active ingredients

Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme - Exfoliatior

Kalahari Enzyme Face Buff Face Exfoliator

A vegetable and fruit enzyme peeling that break down and metabolise protein bonds that ‘glue’ the dead surface cells together, allowing for new, healthy cells to emerge to the surface.

  • The natural hydrogenated Jojoba beads offer rapid removal of excess dull skin and this dual action product will leave the skin clear from unwanted cell build-up.
  • 2 in 1 function: chemical & mechanical exfoliation.
  • Tri-enzyme exfoliation:
    • pumpkin bioferment
    • pineapple enzyme – Pineapple contains a powerful enzyme called bromelain, which is responsible for many of the fruit’s health benefits. Bromelain has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties
    • papaya enzyme – The enzymes papain and chymopapain in papaya can decrease inflammation. Papaya enzyme helps reduce acne by removing dead skin cells that can clog pores. Papain can also remove damaged keratin that can build up on the skin and form small bumps.
  • Jojoba beads – Natural mechanical exfoliation. Jojoba Beads are made from 100% pure and biodegradable natural Jojoba wax, which have no sharp edges. They are superior to other exfoliating agents because they do not leave micro-lacerations. These microscopic cuts could result in premature wrinkles and provide an entrance for bacteria into the skin’s surface.
  • Honeybush Leaf Extract – Calming, repairing and antioxidant.

This enzyme face exfoliator leaves the skin radiant, revitalised and smooth.

Kalahari Enzyme Face Buff


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